Two pole cyclic operating temperature sensitive device with automatic reset control - Thermorex TK224

This is a cyclic operating temperature sensitive device, which is intended to control the temperature between two particular values under normal operating conditions, automatically switching on or off 2 poles of the electrical circuit.

This thermostat can be built to either open or close its electrical contacts as the temperature increases. Once the temperature of the bimetal disc has returned to the specified reset temperature, the contacts will automatically return to their original state.

Besides its variety of standard configurations the thermostat can also be customized to the specific technical needs of the customer, assuring maximum design flexibility and usage in broad range of temperature control applications for consumer, industrial and commercial products.

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Parameter Value
Rated voltage, V, not more ~250
Rated current, A, at power coeff. 0.95, not more 16
Rated current, A, at power coeff. 0.6, not more 10
Number of automatic cycles, at rated current 16 А and power coeff. 0.95, not less than 30000
Number of automatic cycles, at rated current 10 А and power coeff. 0.95, not less than 100000
Operating temperature, °C -25°C — 190°C
Tolerance of operating temperature, °C ±3; ±5
Reset temperature, lower than operating temperature, °C, by 20
Transient resistance, Ω, not more 0.05
Contact operating time, ms, not more 3
Electric strength of insulation, V, not less than 1500
Insulation resistance, MΩ, not less than 50
Heating speed, K/min minimum-0.1; maximum-1.0
Degrees of protection provided by enclosure IP4X; IP64