Temperature Limiter TK32OS (one shot) (+30°C - 250°C)

Temperature limiter TK32OS (one shot) (DIN EN 60730-1) is a temperature sensitive device, which is intended to keep a temperature below one particular value during normal operating conditions, automatically switching off the electrical circuit. This device is operating with one-shot action and has no reset option. This temperature limiter is available only with contacts that open as the temperature increases.

APPLICATION: This temperature limiter prevents overheating in a broad range of consumer, industrial and commercial products.

Note: With variety of standard and custom made configurations the limiter provides reliable one-shot over-temperature protection and meets the specific technical needs of our customers, assuring maximum design flexibility.

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emperature Limiter TK32OS (one shot) (+30°C - 250°C)

Rated voltage, V, not more ~250
Rated current, A, at power coeff. 0,95, not more 16
Rated current, A, at power coeff. 0,6, not more 10
Number of cycles, at rated current 16 А and power coeff. 0,95 1
Operating temperature,°C 30 - 250
Tolerance of operating temperature, %, but not less °C ±3
Temperature of self-reset ≤ (- 25 °C)
Transient resistance, Ω, not more 0,05
Contact operating time, ms, not more 3
Electric strength of insulation, V, not less than 1500
Insulation resistance, МΩ, not less than 50
Heating speed, K/min minimum-0,1; maximum-1,0
Degrees of protection provided by enclosure IP4X; IP64